Yoga Fitness & Wellness Retreat: Revitalize Your Body, Mind, and Soul   

Embark on a transformative 7-day journey into the untouched beauty of Khanom, a secret beach haven where the chaotic rhythms of daily life fade away.

From March 23 to March 29, immerse yourself in a holistic experience crafted to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and soothe your soul.
The Yoga Fitness & Wellness Retreat, led by wellness expert Gabriel (Gabe) and fitness professional Ben, is a harmonious blend of wellness lectures, invigorating yoga and fitness sessions, and awe-inspiring activities set against the backdrop of nature's embrace.

A Holistic Wellness Experience:

This retreat is more than a physical fitness getaway; it's a holistic exploration of mindfulness, cultural immersion, and sustainable well-being.
Nestled in Khanom's serene landscapes, the program is meticulously designed to help you unwind, re-energize, and gain profound insights into a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Each day unfolds with activities that stimulate the body and nourish the mind, inviting you to embark on a journey towards a more mindful and healthier you.

Luxurious Stay at Aava Resort & Spa:

Your retreat unfolds in the lap of luxury at the renowned Aava Resort & Spa, a multi-year World Luxury Resort award winner. As you step into this enchanting haven, prepare to immerse yourself in a unique holistic journey.
Your stay includes daily sessions led by Gabe and Ben at the Khanom yoga studio, Aava Yoga Deck, and the Khanom Yoga Beach platform.
Let the daily Sunrise beach-walk meditation and the magical Full Moon rise meditation on March 25 create a serene ambiance for deep introspection and tranquility.

What will your Yoga, Fitness & Wellness Retreat look like?

Morning sessions begins with a sunrise beach walk, followed with Yoga, Fitness of Muay Boran class. Expand your physical and mental knowledge of different forms of activity.

Evening Yoga ranges from Yin to Restorative Yoga, guided meditation and Kirtan/Bajan sessions.

Lectures about Sugar Blues, & Nutrition.

Excursions range from Waterfall Hikes to Pink Dolphin Tours.

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Sample View into a Daily Schedule

Your Yoga Fitness & Wellness Retreat is filled with Yoga, Nature, Excursions, and Private Time.

This schedule has been devised over a 25 years period  leading retreats around the world, by a Yoga Master with with degrees in Psychology, Nutrition and Coaching.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival

- 18:30: Warm Welcome and Introduction

- 17:30: Evening Stretch Class with Meditation

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 2: Explore and Energize

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk Meditation

- 8:30: Active Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:30: Walk to Khanom Viewpoint

- 15:00: Sugar Blues Talk

- 16:30: Evening Stretch and Meditation

- 19:30: Dinner

Day 3: Wellness and Nature

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk

- 8:30: Fitness Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: Fish Spa and Mother of Buddha Cave Temple Visit

- 16:30: Evening Stretch and Meditation

- 19:30: Dinner

Day 4: Adventure Day

- 8:30: Pink Dolphin Tour

- Box Breakfast

- 14:00: Introduction to Muay Boran

Day 5: Culinary Exploration

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk Meditation

- 8:30: Active Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: Cooking Class

- 15:00: Afternoon Fitness

- 16:30: Evening Stretch and Meditation

- 19:30: Dinner

Day 6: Mind-Body Connection

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk Meditation

- 8:30: Yoga-Fitness-Muay Boran Combo Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: The Power of Journaling Workshop

- 16:30: Evening Stretch and Closing Circle Meditation

- 19:30: Dinner with Thai Lantern Ceremony

Day 7: Reflect and Bid Farewell

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk Meditation

- 8:30: Gentle Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast & Final Goodbyes

- Free Time till Check-Out

Schedule may be changed.

The excursions also offer a learning experiece.

The Waterfall hike where you can make loads of Yoga Pose selfies with Nature and Waterfall.

The 3 temple caves tour gives insight into Buddhism, Spiritual Powers, and How ideas travels from India across Asia. 

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Retreat Also Includes:

+ Local Airport pick up and return from Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport (NST) 

+ Accommodation at Aava Resort & Spa 

+ Breakfast & Dinner Buffet Style Meals

+ All Yoga, Workshops, Lectures and Activities

Closing ceremony

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March 23 - 29, 2024

Your Yoga Fitness Retreat includes:

  • King Size Bedroom (various room type available)
  • All Yoga Classes

  • Pool & Beach Access 

  • Pink Dolphin, Waterfall or any other Activity.

  • 1 month access to Khanom Yoga Online

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Your Guides:

Gabe Yoga 

GabeYoga is an E-500 RYT who has been teaching Hot Yoga internationally since  2005. 
He built the Hot Yoga Teacher Training for various Yoga brands, including Absolute Yoga in Bangkok, Glow Hot Yoga in Huntington Beach, Ghara Hot Yoga in Sao Paulo, and manny more.
He is a teacher of teachers and a sought after master in Yoga, Nutrition, Thai Yoga and Business development.
He is the author of 'How Yin Yoga Healed my Student's Knee' as well as part of the NFT Yoginis Project.
Learn more about GabeYoga on


A world-class fitness professional with a background working with top boxers in England and Europe, Ben adds a dynamic and invigorating element to your fitness journey. on

Aava Resort & Spa - World Luxury Resort Winner

Affordable Luxury Hot Yoga Retreat in Secret Paradise

Over the pandemic the quiet paradise known as Khanom has been discovered by both local and international community.
Khanom Yoga director and program leader has been leading retreats and trainings here since 2012.
While Nature is abundant throughout Thailand, Khanom offers a rare sense of peace and tranquility, not found anywhere else in the world.
Whether it is the ancient temple caves, the only are with Pink Dolphins, or the clean, no traffic air, once you visit, you will forever be changed.